Setting up property alerts

If you don’t have time or access to regularly check the website for suitable available homes, it is very straightforward to set up property alert emails.

Log in to your account and you will see this button on the right hand side – click here.

You can type an area into the first box – take care to select the correct suggested option from the list that appears.

You can then set other criteria such as the distance from this area, the property type and size, and any minimum age or adaptation requirements according to what you are looking for.

You cannot currently set up alerts for more than one area, so if you are looking for two or more areas close together select a wide enough distance from a central point to cover them all.

Finally, set up whether you wish to be notified daily or weekly if matching properties are advertised, and click save.

Remember - you do need to make sure that you have provided an email address.

This can be a family member if you don’t have one of you own – or someone you trust who is helping you with your application. The address can also be edited from the Your Account screen.