Understanding the Adverts

Some properties have a minimum age requirement. Age restrictions are shown by a picture icon on the advert. Do not waste your bid if you are younger than the age shown within the icon as you will not be considered for the property. If you are interested in Sheltered or Independent Living housing for older people, please see Housing Options for applicants over 55.
This is intended to provide a guide to people who have various levels of mobility needs. There are 3 categories indicating level of need. This does not restrict anyone else from bidding for these properties but the advert will often say that priority will be given to members with mobility needs. This means that when shortlisting, normally only applicants with these needs will be considered.
Some properties will be advertised with a 'W' icon specifically for applicants who are workers. The definition of work is a permanent job within the Spelthorne Borough for at least 18 hours a week and an existing contract of 12 months or more. Properties advertised with a 'W' will be prioritised by band and priority date.
If you have a pet you will need to check for the ‘pet’ icon on an advert to know if pets are allowed. If you are offered a viewing you should still confirm with the landlord if they are happy to accept the number / type of pets you have.
These may be communal (shared use) or private (sole use). If they are shared use there is likely to be a service charge for the maintenance of these. Sole use gardens will be your responsibility to properly maintain.
The icons show the minimum and maximum number of people suitable for each property. If your household falls outside of this range you may not be able to place a bid.

Accompanying photographs may only show typical properties in the advertised block or street. Please do not contact  any occupants or contractors working in these buildings.


Key to Advert Symbols

Available for homeseekers only

 Available for transferring tenants only

 Available for homeseekers and transferring tenants

 Available for key workers only

 Working Households

 Affordable Rent

This shows the property has a lift

This shows the property has no lift

Mobility Group 1 – Suitable for wheelchair user indoors and outdoors (defined by symbol and white bar)

Mobility Group 2 – Suitable for people who cannot manage steps or stairs and may use a wheelchair some of the day (defined by symbol and white bar) 

Mobility Group 3 – Suitable for people only able to manage 1 or 2 steps or stairs (defined by symbol and white bar)

 Property designed for people this age or above

 Minimum and maximum number of people who can live in property

 Floor level of property, if flat or maisonette

 Number of bedrooms in the property

Pets allowed

Pets not allowed